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Farm Family Key Skills (FFKS)


Farm Family Key Skills (FFKS)

The Farm Family Key Skills (FFKS) scheme provides short, specific training courses aimed at creating awareness and knowledge of topical issues impacting on farm businesses that can help with on-farm business decision making.

The Farm Family Key Skills Scheme has the flexibility to respond to emerging DAERA priorities and key industry challenges to provide training to farmers and their families.

FFKS training commenced in March 2016 and up to the end of March 2023 23,500 farmers, family members and farm employees have received training through the scheme.

What are the benefits?
  • Greater awareness and knowledge of topical issues impacting on farms businesses that can help with on-farm decision making
  • Courses are tailored to match the needs and availability of people working in particular sectors
  • Courses are free to farmers, growers, farm family members and employees and held in local venues
  • Courses last no longer than 3 hours to minimise time away from the farm business

These  courses are now available. Click on the blue button to find out more and book a place.

These workshops will provide you with the key skills that have the potential to save a life and reduce the impact of a farm accident

Anti-microbial resistance is a serious threat worldwide to human and animal health. This course meets the requirements of various farm quality assurance schemes, including the Red Tractor dairy farm quality assurance scheme. The course will cover best practice the use of antimicrobials, management practices that can reduce the need for them and minimise the risk of antimicrobial resistance on your farm.