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Dairy Feed Efficiency

Dairy Feed Efficiency

Four farms have been previously selected to be Technology Demonstration Farms for the Feed Efficiency theme. These can demonstrate the selected essential technologies.

Group bookings must be made through CAFRE.
Telephone: 028 9442 6790

Aidan McManus – Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh

The McManus family run a herd of 120 cows and rear all replacements. Cows are managed on a total confinement basis and are milked through two Lely A4 robots. The herd is TMR fed with additional concentrates required for feed to yield being topped up in the A4 milking robots. The cows are zero grazed during the grazing season.

Stephen Gibson – Hillsborough, Co. Down

In 2012 a management decision was taken to change enterprise from beef to dairying. Currently the Gibson family run a herd of 105 cows managed by Stephen and his father. The majority of the herd calve in autumn/winter and are TMR fed, with additional concentrates being topped up in the parlour. The aim during the grazing season is to maximise milk from grass

CAFRE has recently recruited the following farmers within the Feed Efficieny theme

Chris Catherwood, CAFRE, TDF farmer

Chris Catherwood – Newtownards, Co. Down

Chris farms on the Ards Peninsula in a profit share agreement with the Rankin family. A herd of 235 dairy cows are calved in a tight spring block system, commencing on 25th January. A high emphasis is placed on maximising milk from grazed grass, focusing on grass measurement, soil fertility and herd fertility. The herd are fed a TMR in the dry period over winter.

Philip Kyle CAFRE TDF Farmer

Philip Kyle – Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone

The Kyle family farm comprises 88 milking cows in an all year round calving system. In 2014 the decision was taken to reduce cow numbers and focus on maximising milk from forage. As a result, meal fed per cow has reduced, annual milk production per cow has increased, as well as total litres sold and profitability.

Robert Bryson CAFRE tdf farmer

Robert Bryson – Loughbrickland, Co. Down

The Bryson family run a herd of 192 Holstein / Friesian cows in a predominantly summer / autumn calving system. Robert aims to operate a simple and profitable system, which can facilitate a good work life balance. A long grazing season is routinely achieved to maximise milk from forage. Cows are fed block silage and use out of parlour feeders when housed in winter.

Stewart Watson

Stewart Watson – Cookstown, Co. Tyrone

The Watson farm comprises of 80 Holstein Friesian cows, in an all year round calving system. In 2007, a Lely robot was installed. A high emphasis is placed on soil nutrient management and producing high quality forages. The herd is zero grazed during the summer months. A particular focus is placed on herd nutrition and utilizing computer feeding software to monitor and maximise feed efficiency.