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Online Sheep Conference 2022: Resilience through health & environment

CAFRE together with industry partners, Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU), National Sheep Association (NSA), Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) and Northern Ireland Meat Export Association (NIMEA) bring a series of webinars discussing ‘bringing resilience and productivity together’.

Leading industry experts and innovative farmers will provide the latest thinking and to share their experiences on how to make a sheep business work in these changing times.

With increasing fertiliser costs on everyone’s mind, the first installment of the conference will examine how to grow and utilise more grass.

Event 1: Pasture Productivity

Speakers and topics of discussion:

  • Charlie Morgan, an independent grassland consultant, will look at how best to optimise grass production on a range of farm types.
  • Philip Creighton, Teagasc, will examine the latest techniques to maximise grass utilisation as there is no point in growing it to waste it.
  • Clement Lynch, a local farmer, will explain how he has adopted the latest grass thinking and technologies onto his farm to benefit his business.
Event 2: Resilience through health & environment

Speakers and topics of discussion:

  • Retired AFBI Professor Jim McAdam will examine how to make your pasture base deliver more than just grass with the potential to develop another income stream for the business.
  • Trevor Cook will join us direct from New Zealand to discuss his experiences on managing sheep nutrition and health to optimise lamb production from pasture.
  • Dale Orr, local farmer, will discuss his journey from taking the farm over from his father, how he has been open to change in an effort to maintain a viable business.