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Growing home-grown proteins and their use in dairy cow diets webinar

CAFRE, AFBI, AgriSearch and DAERA held a webinar to discuss the growing of protein crops in Northern Ireland and the potential for their use in dairy cow diets.

The topics covered during this event included:

  • An overview of the new DAERA pilot support scheme for protein crops which has just been announced by DAERA
  • Crop husbandry and agronomy of protein crops
  • Simon Best, an arable farmer from Scarva, will outline his experience of growing field beans.
  • Highlight the results of recent research at AFBI Hillsborough which has demonstrated the potential of field beans to partially replace imported protein sources such as soya bean and rapeseed meal with no significant impacts on cow performance.
For further information

Single Application Advisory Service, contact number: 0300 200 7848 or contact your local CAFRE adviser.

Information is also available through the links below: