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Dairy Advisers based in four of the DAERA Direct Offices, facilitate Business Development Groups, providing technical resources.

Dairy Technologists at Greenmount Campus, support technology projects and programmes, Technology Demonstration Farms and Farm Innovation Visits.

Don Morrow, Head of Dairy, Pigs, Poultry and Crops at CAFRE Greenmount campus

Key contact:

Don Morrow
Head of Dairy, Pigs, Poultry and Crops

Dairy Advisers


Alan Agnew
Senior Adviser (Agriculture)
Coleraine area


Olwen Gormley
Senior Adviser (Agriculture)
Omagh area

Alan Hopps
Senior Adviser (Agriculture)
Armagh area

Mark Scott

Mark Scott
Senior Adviser (Agriculture)
Newtownards area

Dairy Technologists

Martin Mulholland
Senior Technologist (Agriculture)