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Support for Poultry Farmers

The CAFRE Poultry Team support farmers to develop their business through group based activities, technical events, training and helping them stay compliant. Advisers are based at Greenmount Campus.

A group of chickens in a field

Poultry Technical Support

Technologists based at Greenmount Campus, translate the latest research findings through a range of projects to make a positive impact on your farm business.

A group of farmers visiting a farm

Farm Innovation Visits

Farm Innovation Visits (FIVs), provide farmers with the opportunity to visit farm businesses in other parts of the UK or Europe to learn about new innovations.

A large room of people attending a training event

Business Development Groups

Business Development Groups (BDGs) meet regularly with BDG training events held on members’ farms and for the pig and poultry sectors, in hotel and college meeting rooms due to biosecurity. The scheme uses a group approach to improve the technical efficiency of farm businesses.

NI Poultry Conference – market, avian influenza and energy

CAFRE and UFU hosted an online event to give poultry farmers an oversight of some of the current and emerging issues effecting their businesses.

If you missed this event, you can catch up here.

A large group of chickens in a penn

Poultry Technical Resources

Technical resources relating to poultry production are available.

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CAFRE Contacts

Advisers based at Greenmount Campus can help you to take your business forward.