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What is the project about?

Actual individual net farm Greenhouse Gas (GHG) footprints are currently unknown as most current methodologies calculate gross GHG footprints for farm enterprises, and do not accurately assess on farm carbon stocks and their potential for annual carbon sequestration.  In addition, Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) calculators focus mainly on enterprises, and not on a whole farm basis. 

This project focuses on producing an accurate, individual, Net Carbon Position for seven farms in Northern Ireland, using a whole farm carbon balance sheet to articulate the results of the precise measurement of the on-farm carbon stocks.  This information, combined with the farms gross carbon position, calculated by using a whole business Life-Cycle Analysis calculator, will allow the group to be better informed on where they are on their carbon journey; empower them to make better quality decisions; and help identify further opportunities and develop practical solutions to accelerate their farms towards being net carbon zero. 

How will the project be implemented?
ARCZero photo group members
ARCZero group members

Each of the seven commercial farms in the project will undertake Global Positioning System soil analysis and be subject to LiDAR survey and analysis to identify above ground carbon storage and routes of overland flow.  Farm output and input data will be added to the carbon stock results to create a net farm carbon balance sheet for each farm.

Using this information the members of the group will work together to explore and implement actions which will reduce their carbon balance towards zero.  At the end of the project in 2023, the calculations to produce a Net Carbon Balance sheet will be repeated to see what progress has been made from when the project started in 2021.

How can I find out more?

To find out more information on this project visit the Operational Group’s web page or contact