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Technology Demonstration Farms (TDFs)

Technology Demonstration Farms

Technology Demonstration Farms (TDFs) are part of the new Innovation Technology Evaluation Demonstration Scheme (ITEDS). The scheme recognises that early adopters of innovations and technologies play an important role in convincing their peers to take more innovative approaches to traditional systems.

Technology Demonstration Farms (TDFs) in Northern Ireland demonstrate innovative technologies. Visititing farmers to the TDFs will see technologies demonstrated, hear the experience of host farmers and question them about the financial impact of adopting the technologies. TDFs currently  exist across  the  dairy, beef, sheep,and pig enterprises , and CAFRE plans to recruit TDFs in crops enterprise and commercial horticulture. They cover a wide range of themes including feed efficiency, mobility improvement, grassland management and fertility.

What is expected of a TDF host?

A TDF host is expected to hold at least eight farm visits per year (4 for smaller sectors such as pigs). Group sizes are limited to 25 people to allow effective discussion and peer to peer learning while on the visit. In return each host farmer will receive a payment of £600 per farm visit. In addition, CAFRE will support TDFs by analysing the performance of their technology, providing appropriate diagnostic testing and arranging, where appropriate, for specialists to visit and speak on their farm.

There have been farmers appointed in each of the themes listed below. If you are interested in attending a should note that these will be available both online and on farm and booking will only be available for groups of farmers and not individuals.

At the moment CAFRE is taking group bookings only by emailing