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Farm Habitat Creation and Management

Farm Habitat Creation and Management

Three farms have been selected to become Technology Demonstration Farms for the Farm Habitat Creation and Management theme. The three farmers are passionate about maximising the habitat value of their farms, whilst continuing to run efficient farm enterprises. They each show a long term vision of habitat creation and habitat management, taking advantage of successive agri-environment schemes to develop the assets on their farms.

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David Sandford, Portloughan Farm, Strangford, Co. Down
David Sandford – Portloughan Farm, Strangford, Co. Down

The Sandford Family run an arable and forestry farm with a focus on creating habitats for wildlife and biodiversity. Portloughan Farm is located on the southern shores of Strangford Lough and is part of the Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS). All of the EFS options on the farm were established with the aim of assisting wildlife and biodiversity in the form of establishing uncropped, grass and cultivated arable field margins and retaining winter stubble to provide cover and a source of winter-feed for farmland birds. The farm has been part of agri-environment schemes for many years and David’s environmental work has been recognised by prestigious awards – NI Wildlife Farmer of the Year 2015, Purdey Gold Award 2016 and the Royal Forestry Society 2021 Small Farm Woodland Category.

Roy Mayers, Tempo, County Fermanagh

Roy and Marilyn Mayers run a sheep farm at Tempo, County Fermanagh.  The focus of the farm is to maximise sheep production whilst also creating habitats to benefit wildlife and the wider environment.  The Mayers family have made use of a number of Agri-Environment schemes over the past twenty years in order to plant hedgerows, plant woodlands, manage and protect habitats of lowland raised bog, wet woodland, lake shore and lake. Woodland ground flora, red squirrel and breeding swans have returned to the relevant habitats.  Within the Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) Roy has adopted a number of options such as Watercourse Stabilisation, New Hedge Planting and Hedge Laying.  All of these options have been established with the aim of enhancing water quality, boosting the wildlife that uses the farm and creating shelter for livestock.

Ian Browne, Fivemiletown, County Tyrone

Ian Browne runs a beef and poultry farm outside Fivemiletown, County Tyrone which has a strong emphasis on putting in place measures to enhance the farms wildlife, biodiversity and landscape.  Ian has been a participant in CSMS and NICMS agri-environment schemes and has planted and restored significant lengths of hedgerow and established areas of woodland.  As a member of the Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) Ian has carried on establishing new hedgerows but has also elected to undertake options such as Watercourse Stabilisation, Tree Enhanced Boundaries and Natural Regeneration of Woodland.  All of these options have been undertaken in order to support wildlife and establish good stock proof boundaries. Ian also manages habitats of orchard, parkland, and species rich grassland and is enthusiastic to continue creating and managing high quality habitats alongside efficient farming enterprises.