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Irish Moiled Cattle Calculator


Irish Moiled Cattle Calculator

The Irish Moiled Cattle Calculator has been designed to help Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) applicants claim correctly for the Irish Moiled Cattle (IMC) option within the scheme.

The downloadable calculators and herd list template are designed to:

  1. Calculate the total Livestock Units (LU) based on the stock classification.
  2. Determine which stock classification each animal falls within depending on the animals Date of Birth and the EFS claim year.
  3. Allows you to enter your herd information into the herd list template, the herd list can then be used for subsequent claim years of the scheme.

For more information on the Irish Moiled Cattle option, please see the EFS section on the DAERA website.

Irish Moiled Cattle Information Sheet can be found here.

All photos courtesy of The Irish Moiled Cattle Society