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Milk quality

Milk quality

Improving milk quality can have a beneficial impact on farm profitability as pricing arrangements encourage the production of milk with a high compositional quality, which attracts bonus payments. Dairy products are a rich source of protein and play an important role in our diet. Milk proteins contribute directly to the nutritional value and physical characteristics of many dairy products.

The main factors that affect milk quality are:

  • Feeding
  • Breeding
  • Management
  • Health

Detailed information on how the above factors influence milk quality are explored in the documents below: Factors affecting milk quality.

The milk quality trends in the CAFRE dairy herd in recent years can be found in the attached document: CAFRE dairy herd milk quality.

Further information on the breeding policy and selection criteria within the CAFRE herd can be found within Breeding and Genetics, especially the £PLI section which contains further information on CAFRE Dairy Herd Sire Selection.