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Agroforestry is the combination of farming and tree production within the same field. This can be with grazing livestock in Silvopasture systems or with arable production in Silvoarable systems. In 2020 CAFRE students installed a 0.8 hectare area of agroforestry at the Beef and Sheep Centre on the Greenmount Campus. This included species planting of willow, downy birch, alder and aspen on a low lying wet meadow.

Agroforestry is supported by the Environmental Farming Scheme and CAFRE have hosted a series of online information webinars for current and prospective participants.

Webinar 1

AFBI scientist Dr Rodrigo Olave and Dr Jim McAdam discuss the research behind the agroforestry sites at AFBI, Loughgall.

Webinar 2

CAFRE technologists Bryan Irvine and Nicola Warden outline the Environmental Farming Scheme agroforestry specification along with the materials and resources required to complete an agroforestry project.