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Dairy Mobility Improvement

Dairy Mobility Improvement

Two farms have been selected to become Technology Demonstration Farms for the Mobility Improvement theme. These farmers are able to demonstrate the essential technologies.

Both farmers are passionate about reducing lameness to improve animal welfare and longevity, reduce yield loss due to poor mobility, improve fertility and feeding behaviour while saving an average of £323 per case of lameness.

Group bookings must be made through CAFRE.
Telephone: 028 9442 6790

John Rafferty, Newry, Co. Down

The Rafferty family run a herd of 150 cows (115 milking all year round) and rear all replacements. The herd is milked through two Lely A3 robots. Cows are housed all year round and fed a TMR diet or are zero grazed during the grazing season.