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Responsible use of Antimicrobials on Beef and Sheep Farms

Agriculture > Responsible use of Antimicrobials on Beef and Sheep Farms

Course Duration

2.5 hrs

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Responsible use of Antimicrobials on Beef and Sheep Farms

Anti-microbial resistance is an increasingly serious threat worldwide where disease causing organisms can develop resistance to antimicrobial drugs, for example, antibiotics. Over time this can lead to the drugs becoming ineffective in treating infections and diseases. A number of workshops focusing on ‘’Responsible Use of Antimicrobials on Beef and Sheep Farms’ have been organised by CAFRE in partnership with AI Services to be delivered throughout Northern Ireland over the coming months by qualified veterinary surgeons.

Responsible Use of Antimicrobials courses are available as face-to-face courses in local venues or as online webinars.


When you click ‘Book this course for me’, you will find the available ‘Responsible Use of Antimicrobials’ courses listed in the Course Directory under the Farm Family Key Skills – Animal Health category.

If booking into a webinar, please book at least 48 hours in advance to ensure you receive log-in details in advance of the event.

Course Overview

This course meets the requirements of various farm quality assurance schemes.

Who are the workshops for?

The workshops are free to farmers, members of the farm family and employees. Attendees must pre-register in order to attend a workshop.

Workshop content

Topics covered in the workshops include:

  • What is antimicrobial resistance
  • Types of antimicrobials and their uses
  • Best practice when using antimicrobials
  • Reducing antimicrobial resistance on farm
  • How to avoid residues

Dates and registration

New dates are now available.

Please click on the link below (Book this course for me) for further details and to book a place.

  • Monday 25th September 2023 – Online Webinar – 7.30pm
  • Tuesday 3rd October 2023 – Online Webinar – 7.30pm
Additional information

Before you register for a webinar, it is recommended that you carry out a speed test on your broadband. You will need download and upload speeds of at least 2mb/second to ensure that you can participate fully and be able to view the video in the presentation.

Attendance certificates to meet FQAS requirements will be issued on successful completion of both the face-to-face workshops and webinars.

To successfully complete a webinar you will need to:

  • Pre-register. Log in details are only provided if you are pre-registered.
  • Be logged in to the webinar for at least 90% of the presentation.
  • Complete the poll during the webinar, and
  • Complete the evaluation at the end of the webinar.

*Please note that if a number of people are using one device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone) to sit in on a webinar, only the person registered will receive an attendance certificate.

Booking Terms and Conditions

CAFRE Booking terms and conditions are available by clicking here.

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