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Minimum Tillage Crop Establishment

Minimum Tillage Crop Establishment

CAFRE has recruited one technology demonstration farms who can demonstrate the essential technologies within the theme of Minimum Tillage Crop Establishment.

Group bookings must be made through CAFRE.
Telephone: 028 9442 6790

Richard Orr CAFRE TDF Farmer

Richard Orr – Downpatrick, Co Down

Richard farms 150 hectares with arable rotations including wheat and barley as well as break crops such as  potatoes and oats and more recently Richard sows cover crop mixes to maintain and improve overall soil conditions. Richard uses reduced tillage cultivations on farm to establish crops and to improve soil structure and health and reduce run off. Richard has also put in place many integrated pest management practices to increase biodiversity, habitats and fauna and other environmental benefits. Richard also employs technologies such as Skippy scout drone app, NDVI technology and N testers as part of his overall farm management plan.