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Support for Dairy Farmers

The CAFRE Dairy Team has developed a wide range of knowledge and technology transfer projects to demonstrate best management practice across key technical issues facing Northern Ireland dairy farmers. 

CAFRE Dairy Herd

Dairy Technical Support

Technologists based at Greenmount Campus, translate the latest research findings through a range of projects to make a positive impact on your farm business.

Carbon Challenge: Understanding Carbon on your Dairy Farm

The Carbon Challenge: Understanding Carbon on your Dairy Farm focused on assisting farmers to adapt their systems and adopt new technologies to contribute towards NI’s 2050 Net Zero target.

Making the dairy business more resilient

In 2022, although dairy farms input costs increased significantly so did farmgate milk and livestock prices. However, since January 2023 farmgate milk price has reduced significantly and input costs have not reduced at a similar pace. This volatility highlights the need for dairy farms to ensure the business is more resilient to cope with fluctuating cashflow.

Calf Rearing Open Day 2023

CAFRE in conjunction with AFBI, hosted a Calf Rearing Open Day at Greenmount Campus. If you missed the event, you can view the presentations here.

Dairy cow going through the Cafre Dairy Herd

CAFRE Dairy Herd

The CAFRE Dairy Herd is used to demonstrate best management practice to dairy farmers and international trade delegations through a series of Knowledge and Technology Transfer projects.

Farmers observing a cow in a fenced-off area

Farm Innovation Visits

Farm Innovation Visits (FIVs), provide farmers with the opportunity to visit farm businesses in other parts of the UK or Europe to learn about new innovations.

Farmer performing a demonstration to a group of other farmers

Technology Demonstration Farms

Technology Demonstration Farms (TDFs) are part of the new Innovation Technology Evaluation Demonstration Scheme (ITEDS). 

CAFRE has two dairy TDFs themes :

Farmers observing a herd of cows in a fenced-off area

Business Development Groups

Business Development Groups (BDGs) meet regularly with BDG training events held on members’ farms. The scheme uses a group approach to improve the technical efficiency of farm businesses.

A herd of Dairy calfs

CAFRE Contacts

Your local adviser based in selected DAERA Direct Offices, supported by technologists based at Greenmount Campus can help you to take your business forward.