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Innovation Boost


Innovation Boost

Previously known as Fusion, Innovation Boost, IntertradeIreland’s all-island technology transfer programme partners your company with a third level institution, such as CAFRE to embark on a technical project. Your company can benefit from the specialist expertise you need through a high calibre science graduate. The graduate is employed by you and is based in your company throughout the project (12-18 months) with mentoring from the academic partner and an Innovation Boost consultant.

Loughry Campus was the academic partner on an eighteen month InterTradeIreland FUSION/Innovation Boost project with County Meath based Meade Potato Company (MPC). The primary aim of this project was to embed a culture of innovation with the development of new product offerings. Caroline McMahon, Food Technologist, CAFRE worked with the company to exploit raw materials into value-added products in order to achieve greater business efficiency and pursue new market opportunities. The project led to collaborations on a national and international level and resulted in a substantial technology investment by the company. The new innovative technology has allowed MPC to offer a niche product across several industry sectors.

Collaborating with CAFRE on an Innovation Boost project proved a very positive experience for our business. The 18 month project gave us access to external expertise and specialist facilities which enabled us to enhance our innovation capability. The collaboration led to the development of a new processing technology which has since established an entirely new area of business for us. The integration of this new technology has already allowed us to access new markets with promising growth prospects as we continue to develop and expand our new portfolio of products

For further information about partnering with Loughry on Innovation Boost, please contact: Deborah Whinnery at