Slurry Management

To become a Slurry Management Technology Demonstration Farm applicants must be able to demonstrate the following innovative technologies:

  1. Proactive measures to reduce health and safety risks associated with slurry management
  2. Slurry storage capacity and organic N loading calculations
  3. Soil analysis programme
  4. Annual nutrient management plan
  5. Slurry nutrient assessment
  6. Low ammonia emission slurry spreading

It is desirable but not required that applicants may also demonstrate the following innovative technologies:

  1. Slurry aeration
  2. Ammonia emission reduction flooring
  3. Covered above ground slurry stores
  4. Use of nutrient management decision support tools

For a more detailed description of these required and desirable technologies and for guidance click HERE.

Before applying please read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the scheme and check that you meet the Eligibility Criteria.