The equine industry is truly international with a wide range of job opportunities leading to outstanding careers available to our graduates.

We currently provide the widest range of courses in Equine Studies in Ireland; courses which have been developed through balancing the needs of the industry with the career aspirations of students.

Our aim is to assist the development of a competitive equine industry and give our students an insight into the many different local and international equine related opportunities available.

CAFRE Enniskillen Graduates are:

POSITIVE about their practical and academic ability and the wide range of equine and management skills they have gained.

ASSURED that they have made excellent contacts with leading equine industry partners through work-placements, bursaries, and exceptional internships opportunities.

INSPIRED by developing and sharing their own research projects and active involvement in the racing, breeding and equitation units.

CONFIDENTĀ in progressing though all academic challenges with support from the college.

Aerial view of Enniskillen Campus

Facilities at Enniskillen Campus

Learning new and improving your practical equine skills is very important. Depending on your course you will be involved in the daily care of the horses through yard duties and practicals.

Racing Unit

Our students are involved in the care, training and racing of the college racehorses for the Point to Point season.

  • Newly extended gallop and schooling lane with hurdles and fences
  • 14 stables
  • Horse Walker, indoor arena, all weather turnout
  • Racehorse simulator

Breeding Unit

Our students are involved in the care and preparation of broodmares, young stock and foals.

  • 10 individual stables including foaling boxes
  • Internet based foaling cameras
  • Loose pens, all-weather turn outs and grass turnout
  • Stocks and weighbridge

Equitation Unit

Our students are involved in the care and schooling of the equitation horses.

  • Stabling for 22 horses
  • Indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Lunge pen, horse walker and hacking track
  • Cross country schooling area
  • Equitation simulator

DIY Livery Yard

At Enniskillen Campus you can bring your own horse with you whilst you study. Students manage the yard as part of a Business Management module.

Students can use the facilities, which include arenas, turnouts, horse walker, lunge pen and hacking track. Whilst there are experienced staff available to ask advice, students are responsible for their own day-to-day care of their horse.

Equine Technology

Our students have access to equine technologies and IT equipment to be able to progress their knowledge and understanding of equines. These technologies include the following systems:

  • Rein tension gauge
  • Gait analysis system
  • Orscana sensors
  • Saddle pressure analysis system
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Environmental monitors
  • Dust monitors
  • Wearable horse monitors
  • Equicube
  • Visualise Jackets

Graduate Careers

An equine qualification from CAFRE Enniskillen Campus can open up lots of different career and educational routes. Some students progress onto further education or other graduate career paths such as event management, teaching and veterinary.

The majority of our students progress successfully within the equine industry worldwide and use their experiences from CAFRE Enniskillen Campus to gain jobs across all equine disciplines. Such jobs include business and marketing, yard management, performance management, breeding stock management, nutrition and health.

Equine graduates