Rush Management


Dense rush cover has become a major problem throughout Northern Ireland in the past few years. Rush is a herbaceous, low-nutrient plant which is associated with poorly drained soils and is very common in areas with high rainfall and heavy clay soils. It is often found in areas with low soil pH values i.e. acid soils.

Heavy infestations of rush can be very damaging to priority habitats resulting in a reduction of biodiversity. Rush can also significantly reduce both the quality of grazing and the stock carrying capacity of the land. In addition land with a high percentage rush cover is ineligible for area based schemes such as the Basic Payment Scheme.

Who is the course for?

Farmers/Landowners who wish to learn how to control rush on their land.

Course Duration

Half day

Course Cost


Course Content

Course to cover the following topics:

  • The importance of controlling rush;
  • Introduction to the CAFRE Rush Control Technology Project;
  • Pesticide Law Changes;
  • MCPA – The Situation;
  • Rush Control Machinery Demonstrations;