Dairy Technology Demonstration Farm

What is expected of a TDF Host?

  • To host a minimum of 8 groups of visiting farmers and provide a demonstration of the specified technologies

What should the Host expect in return?

  • Any training that may be required
  • Technical support from a CAFRE Technologist
  • IT and other equipment to support the delivery of demonstrations
  • A Support Assistant to assist at each visit
  • A £600 payment per demonstration hosted

Applications to become a Dairy Technology Demonstration Farm are open from 8th May 2019 and close the 5th June 2019.

Applicants will then be shortlisted and those selected will undergo an on-farm suitability assessment.

Each farm business may only apply for one of the following themes.


See our Frequently Asked Questionsif you have any queries or email kt.admin@daera-ni.gov.uk