Farm Innovation Visits

Farm Innovation Visits is an exciting new scheme which will provide farmers with the opportunity to visit farms in other parts of the UK or Europe to see innovative approaches. Farmers will travel in groups led by a CAFRE Adviser.

What visits are being planned?

A number of interesting visits are in the pipeline. The first of these will be for pig farmers to visit Denmark to consider how a region of the country has controlled Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) disease. This disease, also known as Blue Ear disease, affects both the breeding and feeding herds and can have a devastating effect on commercial pig farms, resulting in reduced performance and profit.

When will the visit take place?

The group will fly to Denmark on the afternoon of Sunday 25 November 2018 and return late on Tuesday 27 November 2018. The proposed Itinerary for the PRRS trip to Denmark will give you more information about the visit.

Who can apply to go?

This visit is being targeted at breeding units in the Cookstown area. There are a large number of pig farmers in this area with a number of farmers already considering how they can control this disease. Farmers with a breeding herd outside of this area can also apply provided they supply pigs for finishing into this area.

Applications are limited to one member or employee provided they are over 18 years old. They should not be in full-time education and must have a valid passport for the dates of travel.

How many places are available?

There are 15 places available and they will be awarded on a competitive bases. This, along with all the details of the scheme is explained in the Terms and Conditions.

What is paid for?

Farm Innovation Visits are part of the NI Rural Development Programme and part funded by the EU. This scheme will cover costs associated with accommodation, travel including coach and air travel, breakfast, lunch and evening meals when in Denmark.

What is not paid for?

It does not cover any additional costs, such as a relief worker when participants are away from their business. In addition they will be expected to purchase their own travel insurance and food when in transit.

What is expected from those who get a place?

Everyone who accepts a place will be expected to attend training at Loughry Campus on Tuesday 30 October at 8pm. After the visit they will be expected to share what they have learnt with at least one group.

How do you apply? FIVS  Application Form – Pigs Denmark

Download the FIV Application Form Pigs Denmark and right click on the form to save it to your computer. Ensure the completed application form is returned via email before 4pm on Friday 19 October 2018. Acrobat Adobe Reader must to be installed on your computer to view and complete the application form.  You can download Acrobat Adobe Reader program for free.

Depending on your computer’s operating system, the form may open in your web browser. To change your preferences so the form opens directly in Acrobat Adobe Reader, follow the Instructions on How to Open Documents in Acrobat Adobe Reader.

Where can I get more information?

An information evening is planned for Thursday 11 October at 8pm at Loughry Campus where you can ask questions and get support to complete your application.