Farm Innovation Visits

Farm Innovation Visits is an exciting new scheme which will give farmers the opportunity to visit farms across the UK or Europe and gain first hand experience of on-farm innovative approaches. Each trip will focus on innovations within a specific sector which are not currently practiced within Northern Ireland farming industry.

The trips will be organised, short and focused. They will be led by CAFRE adviser and will engage with Europe’s leading farmer with contributions from international experts.

What visits are being planned?

A number of interesting visits are in the pipeline.

The first of the visits was aimed at pig farmers. They travelled to Denmark from Sunday the 25 November to Tuesday the 27 November 2018 to consider how a region of the country has controlled Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) disease. The Pig Production Visit to Denmark Report provides further information on the visit.

A visit for potato growers to go to Scotland and look at innovations in potato storage took place on the 24th and 24th January 2019 and a report on this visit will be available soon.

The next visit is for suckler beef producers and beef finishers on the 13 and 14 February,  however applications for this visit are now closed.  A visit is planned to The Netherlands  for dairy farmers to study how good calf rearing improves cow performance.  This visit is from Sunday 17 March to Tuesday 19 March and is currently open for applications. For further information and how to apply, visit the Calf Rearing visit to The Netherlands, page on this website.

Who can apply to go?

Each trip is targeted at farmers and their workers within certain sectors. Applications are limited to one member or employee per business provided they are over 18 years old and aren’t in full-time education.

How many places are available?

There will be limited places available to go on each trip and they will be awarded on a competitive bases. This, along with all the details of the scheme is explained in the Terms and Conditions of each specific trip. Make sure to read these carefully before applying.

What is paid for?

Farm Innovation Visits are part of the NI Rural Development Programme and part funded by the EU. This scheme will cover costs associated with accommodation, travel including coach and air travel and main meals when outside Northern Ireland.

What is not paid for?

It does not cover any additional costs, such as a relief worker when participants are away from their business. In addition they will be expected to purchase their own travel insurance and food when in transit.

What is expected from those who get a place?

Everyone who accepts a place will be expected to attend training before each trip. Within six months of returning from the visit each farmer is be expected to share what they have learnt with at least one organised farmer group (for example a Business Development Group).

Have a suggestion of a farm innovation in Europe you think should be included in a trip?

Let us know of any innovations across Europe that you would like to find out more about by emailing and we will see if it would be suitable to include in a Farm Innovation Visit.


For further information email: