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Life at Loughry as a Further Education student

May 16, 2022

My name is Sarah Jane Hendry and I am from Richhill in Co. Armagh. I am currently studying the National Diploma in Food Science and Manufacturing Technology at Loughry, one of CAFRE’s three campuses.

I heard about CAFRE and the range of courses they offer from a family member who studied at the college. When I started to research what study options CAFRE could offer to me after I completed my GCSEs, I discovered the great range food courses offered at  Loughry including two Further Education courses in Food that were of great interest to me. When I researched these courses further, I decided that the Food Science and Manufacturing Technology was of most interest to me due to the content of this course and the range of food science and manufacturing units in particular Dairy Technology.

I am really enjoying my course at Loughry in particular the practical elements of the programme. I am gaining many benefits from studying the National Diploma. I am developing excellent knowledge and skills in relation to the food industry including the science and technology of food, quality management and improvement, business operations and food manufacture. The hands on experience that I am gaining in Loughry’s practical facilities is fantastic and I am getting a real insight in to food industry operations in Loughry’s pilot processing facilities. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I am developing during my studies will equip me well for the world of work.  

I am still deciding what I would like to do after I complete my National Diploma in Food Science and Manufacturing Technology. I am very fortunate to have a number of different options available to me after graduation. I am deciding if I would like to go out in the world of work and possibly complete CAFRE’s Higher Level Apprenticeship (HLA) in Food and Drink Manufacture, earning as I learn. Another option I am considering is progressing to full time higher education at Loughry, completing CAFRE’s BSc (Hons) in Food Technology or the BSc (Hons) in Food Business Management. As part of our professional and career development programme, I have been able to hear about both the HLA and full-time Higher Education programmes first hand from students who are actually studying on these courses and they are all of great interest to me.

I advise anyone who is considering one of the National Diploma Food programmes at Loughry to go for it! Like me, you might just love studying at Loughry! These programmes prepare you really well for the world of work in the food industry with many different career pathways to pursue. The food industry are always looking for Loughry Graduates to fill the range of exciting roles that they have available.  There is an amazing life on campus awaiting you and the opportunities that you will get at CAFRE’s Loughry Campus are just great – they are experiences that will stay with you forever.