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Get ahead of scab this year

March 14, 2022

Apple scab is a common disease that attacks leaves and fruits of pomme fruits.  The disease requires top fruit growers to employ professional management practises in order to control it to an economically acceptable level. Apple scab infection periods (ASIP) were recorded for 70% of the period March to July last year, by AfBI, Loughgall, making scab control very challenging.  To help growers optimise their scab spray control programmes and ensure correct use of their spray equipment, CAFRE have organised the following two events to prepare growers for the new season. 

Graham Moore from FAST (Fruit Advisory Specialist Team) will give a webinar on scab control at the Northern Ireland Fruit Growers Association (NIFGA) meeting on the 22nd of March in Armagh, which starts at 7.30pm sharp.  Graham has over 30 years’ experience as a consultant to fruit and berry growers, and will provide guidance on optimising the selection and timing of products used for scab control. 

The second event delivered by Tom Robinson will focus on product application. Tom who now is an independent consultant was formerly the spraying technologist at Syngenta, Ciba-Geigy and Novartis with over 37 years’ experience.  Over this time he took a lead role in nozzle development, and is recognised within the UK and further afield as a leader in precision agriculture in relation to pesticide application.  He received an award from the Institution of Agricultural Engineers  in recognition of his pioneering work lead to work.  Tom will run a technical review of using orchard sprayers at Pat McKeevers, 87 Loughgall Rd, Portadown on Tuesday 29th March at 10am.  Growers will have a chance to gain valuable information on sprayer set up and strategies to maximise effectiveness of scab sprays.

For more information on either events, contact Mark Huey, Top Fruit Development Adviser, CAFRE by e-mail: or phone 07885 344244.