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Sustainability is the focus in second dairy webinar

November 4, 2021

CAFRE, Dairy UK and Ulster Farmers Union are delivering a series of three webinars focusing on ‘Future Proofing Your Dairy Business’. The second in the series ‘Managing and Feeding for Sustainability’ will focus on how you can manage and feed your herd to improve sustainability and will be broadcast on Tuesday 9 November at 8 pm.  “The webinar will also highlight practices adopted within the CAFRE Dairy Herd to reduce antibiotic use, the aim being to reduce the potential risk of developing antibiotic resistant bacteria, which in turn, could potentially be transferred into the human population” writes Robert Patterson, CAFRE Dairy Technologist.

The CAFRE Dairy Herd management team have been working closely with their local veterinary practitioner in relation to reducing antibiotic use, through developing herd health protocols and in particular, ceasing the use of highest priority critically important antibiotics (HP-CIA’s), which were subsequently reinforced with the introduction of the new Red Tractor standards. 

Speakers will include dairy farmer Neil Dyson and nutritionist and veterinary advisor Dr Mark Little. The webinar will highlight management practices and standard operating procedures that can be implemented which will enhance herd health and reduce the need for antibiotic interventions.

Pre-registration is essential in order to attend this event. To register, please visit here or contact your local CAFRE Dairy Development Adviser for more details.