Our Agriculture facilities

Greenmount Farms

These farms are the focus for the educational activities at the campus. They provide an excellent practical learning resource for students undertaking Higher Education programmes in Agriculture and Technology. The Campus Farm comprises the Dairy Centre (190 hectares), the Beef and Sheep Centre (120 hectares) and the Hill Farm Centre (1040 hectares).

These three Centres provide a unique resource for students to ‘learn by doing’. At Greenmount Campus, vocational elements are integrated into the courses to allow students to put into practice what they have learned in the lecture theatre. The ‘learning by doing’ concept is based on giving students responsibility to take real management decisions for selected enterprises within campus units and farms. Where possible, students perform all the duties involved in managing an enterprise, assess performance and implement management changes to help improve overall performance.

Greenmount now operates four student learning projects within its Higher Education programmes:


Students take part in routine milking and husbandry duties on the 200 cow autumn calving herd at the Dairy Centre. A focus is placed on efficient and profitable milk production in a high welfare environment.


Students on this project have responsibility for 1,100 ewes and 100 suckler cows on the Hill Farm Centre, which is managed in an environmentally positive and sustainable manner. Students analyse farm financial performance and contribute to future management and policy decisions, in addition to assisting with the practical work on the unit.


Students on the Red Meat project work along with CAFRE Beef and Sheep technologists in the management of the suckler cow, beef and sheep enterprises at the Beef and Sheep Centre. A major focus at this Centre is production from grass. Students are involved with practical work on the unit, analysing physical and financial performance information, and assisting with management decisions.


Each year the Campus Farm grows approximately 50 hectares of arable crops with cereals, maize and potatoes being the main crops. Students practice many of the arable skills such as cultivating, planting, weed and disease identification along with nutrient management planning.

Nature Trail at Greenmount

The Nature Trail at Greenmount Campus was established in 1979 to provide students and the general public with a better understanding and appreciation of farming and wildlife matters. It is used as an educational resource for over 6,000 visitors per year. The RSPB in partnership with CAFRE provide field teaching, offering visitors the opportunity to investigate a variety of farmland habitats and wildlife. For further information on the programme offered to Primary Schools, visit RSPB/CAFRE Nature Trail for Schools.