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Veterinary Nursing Centre


Veterinary Nursing Centre

On campus Veterinary Nursing and Animal Nursing Assistant students have access to a dedicated Veterinary Nursing Centre where they practise their clinical skills in areas such as anaesthesia, theatre practice, laboratory work and radiography as applicable for small animal veterinary care.

The facility has a range of skeletons and anatomical mannequins which are used for practical teaching sessions.  Within the Centre a clinical skills suite is used to demonstrate best practice to students and provides them with an opportunity to simulate tasks to improve confidence and technique before working with live patients in their training practice.

The campus has a modern, well-equipped laboratory containing all the equipment needed to carry out the diagnostic tests required in the Veterinary Nursing syllabus. The scientific equipment includes laboratory analysers, refractometers, microscopes, centrifuges and commercial test kits.

Students also have access to the Greenmount Resource Centre with its library, workrooms and study areas.