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Campuses of the future – Greenmount

It is recognised that significant investment is required at Greenmount Campus in the buildings used for teaching, student residential accommodation, staff offices and conferences.  The condition of them has declined significantly in recent years and they are inefficient to run in terms of energy consumption, maintenance requirements and student management. The aim of this project is to ensure that the buildings and facilities at Greenmount meet the current and future needs of staff, students and the agri-food industry, are fit-for-purpose and project a positive image of CAFRE.

Greenmount Campus is the centre of all things green, delivering education and training in agriculture, horticulture and the environment in an idyllic rural setting for land-based studies. The history of Greenmount can be found here. This will be incorporated into the design and materials used in the new buildings and landscaping.

Hamilton Architects were appointed as the Integrated Consultancy Team in August 2022 and have progressed the designs with input from key internal stakeholders.

Design Proposals

Phase 1 – Student Residential Accommodation

Phase 1 is the construction of the new student residential accommodation comprising 200 ensuite student bedrooms with self-catering facilities, communal areas, including a fitness suite and social spaces.

Student residences with external courtyard

Phase 2 – Reception, Conference and Staff Building

Phase 2 is the construction of a new front-of-house reception area, a dedicated conference centre, dining facilities and staff offices. 

The new reception will provide a clear focal point for visitors to the campus and will link to a dedicated conference centre with commanding views of the landscape.

It is envisaged that the new dining area will become the hub of the campus with its links to the reception area and staff building with easy access from key areas such as the GRC courtyard, and the new central campus boulevard.

The staff building will consist of open plan offices and meeting rooms and will have views over the gardens and the Manor House.

Main campus entrance, with conference building/reception to the left
Approach to new reception entrance
Proposed internal layout of dining hub
Woodland approach to main square staff building and dining hub in front student accommodation to left

Phase 3 – Teaching Building

Phase 3 is the construction of the teaching building which will compromise a mix of general and practical classrooms, a state-of-the-art teaching laboratory and a dedicated lecture theatre.

Teaching building (left) opposite staff accommodation, viewed from the Manor House
Planning – Public Consultation

We welcome your participation in this process. Your views are an important part of the development process and we want to understand the views of the local community prior to finalising the design and making a formal planning application to the Council.

The plans as presented are likely to be further developed and refined as part of this process in response to environmental considerations and the feedback from the community gathered through this consultation process.

If you have any queries or want to find out more about the project, please contact the Planning Consultants team using the details below.

Post: CAFRE Greenmount Redevelopment, Elmwood House, 74 Boucher Road, Belfast BT12 6RZ

Any comments you make to us are not representations to the Planning Authority and do not in any way affect your statutory right to make representations to the Planning Authority, with regard to any application submitted to them, in respect of this proposal