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Science Laboratories

Science Laboratories

Loughry Campus offers students the opportunity to gain practical skills in microbiological and chemical analysis of foods.

Microbiological Laboratories are a valuable resources enabling students to gain the practical skills essential to a career in the agri-food industry.

Students spend time analysing food products, ingredients and water using internationally recognised methods. They learn the processes involved in preparing samples for testing, preparing media, plating out samples and analysing the results. Information gathered through microbiological analysis is used to determine product shelf life and check the food is safe to eat. Students also have the opportunity to examine unique processes used by food companies to test food processing equipment and work environment.

Our laboratories are equipped with the leading technologies available for microbiology testing. These technologies enable students to learn techniques used by food companies and food testing laboratories to complete testing in a more efficient and timely manner, which is critical in an industry dependent upon product shelf life.

Staff work closely with students helping them develop their skills. Teaching techniques includes live demonstrations, videos, image projection systems and plenty of opportunities to gain hands on experience.