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Machinery Centre

Machinery Centre

The Machinery and Buildings Centre is a specifically designed building which hosts all of the mechanisation and building instruction at Greenmount Campus. The building is equipped to the highest standard in terms of health and safety features. It contains a sophisticated heating, dust/fume and ventilation system. The range of workshops are equipped with up-to-date mechanical and electrical instrumentation.

Watch this video which showcases our extensive Land-based Engineering facilities at Greenmount Campus.

Vehicle workshop

This workshop is dedicated to the maintenance and repair of a wide range of agricultural machinery along with the dismantling and repair of a variety of engines. There is a range of diagnostic equipment available that you will learn to use for identifying mechanical and electrical faults.

Machine shop

This is a dual function workshop which allows access to a range of machines for teaching purposes. The workshop also houses a range of machine tools so that the essentials of engineering can be taught to students on Land-based Engineering courses.

Project workshop

Greenmount Campus prides itself on a ‘learn by doing’ approach to all of the courses at the campus and the Land-based Engineering courses are no exception. The projects workshop allows the students to manufacture a range of implements and equipment which in turn develop their design and fabrication skills. The workshop has been designed on an open plan basis to facilitate a wide range of projects and allow flexibility of use should the need arise, for example, a product showcase.

Service engineering workshop

This workshop is dedicated to the inspection, maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery. A large clear floor space and wide, tall doors mean that even the largest machines, such as, combine harvesters and forage harvesters can be accommodated.

Welding shop

Basic welding is a fundamental skill for most involved in agriculture and many students spend at least some time in this purpose-designed welding shop.

Demonstration rooms

Three rooms provide classroom facilities for those working in the MBC. The proximity of these rooms to the workshops is a major advantage allowing students to conveniently move from workshops to classrooms. These rooms are also the main base for the delivery of spraying courses and telescopic handler training programmes.

Buildings workshop

The buildings workshop provides the facilities required to deliver a wide range of building and estate management skills in a controlled and modern working environment. Activities such as, brickwork, paving and dry stone walling all take place on the large open floor space, while a range of modern woodworking equipment allows the construction of traditional wooden gates and other agricultural structures.

Horticulture workshop

The horticulture workshop was set up to enable students to work on a wide variety of machinery. To remain at the cutting edge, the facility houses an array of up-to-date sports turf and amenity equipment – everything from larger fairway units to the smallest of modern autonomous robot mowers are all catered for. With the growing trend towards greener machinery, the workshop now has hybrid-powered equipment. This is an excellent learning tool as this exciting new technology almost certainly represents the future of motive power.