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Food Technology Centre


Food Technology Centre (FTC)

The Food Technology Centre (FTC), at Loughry Campus, showcases the latest technology and is designed to ensure compliance with best practice in food manufacture. The facility incorporates four food processing areas focusing on the meat, bakery, dairy, brewing, fruit and vegetable sectors.

This unique facility is equipped with an extensive range of modern pilot and industrial scale food processing equipment, used in equal measure by our students and technical team. Small-scale processing equipment allows the demonstration of computerised control systems used in food manufacturing. Utilisation of the facility helps students develop the competences and skills needed by the food industry.

Through our purpose-built centre students are able to:

  • Scale up and formulate recipes and products to adapt to technological and food trends
  • Implement and integrate process control and process optimisation to the production of food
  • Develop and analyse quality systems and diagnostic tests for products
  • Analyse and develop packaging and labelling for foods
  • Develop management competences in a food production environment

Working with Food Technologists the FTC facilities are an invaluable resource to food businesses. Businesses can work on the development and commercialisation of new product concepts and processes, conduct technical and quality problem solving and trial work without impacting current factory operations.

For details of the equipment available within our innovation and processing areas, view our Food Innovation Equipment Directory:
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Food Innovation Equipment Directory
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