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Higher Education


Interested in a Higher Education course?

Full-time applicants

If you’re applying for a full-time Foundation or Honours Degree course you must submit your application through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service at

The UCAS website lists the names and code numbers for all our courses. Our Institute code is A45.

If you’re applying for the BSc (Hons) Agricultural Technology course, you should apply through UCAS to Queen’s University, Belfast using their Institute code of Q75.

Full instructions and detailed online help are available from UCAS at the touch of a button. It includes a guide called  “Applying Online”, available as a PDF file, which has all the background information you need on the application process.

If you’re planning to start your course in autumn 2024, UCAS will accept your application from 5th September 2023. Applications made after 31st January 2024, through UCAS Extra, are considered late applications and will only be considered at the discretion of the college if there are vacancies on the course.

If you apply before 31st January 2024, a decision on your application will normally be made by the end of March. You will be informed of the decision through UCAS. If you already have the appropriate entry qualifications, we may make you an unconditional offer and you will be able to decide immediately if you wish to take up the offer. If you are still studying  for the necessary entry qualifications, we may make you a conditional offer, specifying the minimum grades you need to obtain in your examinations. For some courses an interview will be necessary before a final decision can be made.

When you have received replies from all your UCAS choices, you must decide upon one ‘firm’ acceptance and you may select a second as ‘insurance’. The final selection is normally made in mid August when A-Level and other examination results are issued. If you do not achieve the grades we asked for in our conditional offer you may still be offered a place and you should check with our Admissions Office.

Part-time applicants and ‘top-up’ pathways

If you’re are interested in studying one of our part-time Higher Education courses, or wish to convert your Foundation Degree into a BSc (Hons) Degree you can apply online by visiting the course page.

After applying you will be invited to attend a short interview at the college. You will have an opportunity to tour the campus and view the teaching facilities. This interview usually takes place between March and August.

If you need any assistance in applying for a course, contact CAFRE Admissions.

If you wish to study part-time for the BSc in Agricultural Technology course you should contact the Admissions Office, Queen’s University, Belfast BT7 1NN for an application form.