Veterinary Nursing

Greenmount Campus offers two Veterinary Nursing courses designed to prepare students for a career in the veterinary nursing/animal care profession. The training provides the knowledge required to complement the practical skills acquired through working in a veterinary practice. It also helps student nurses to become valuable and highly motivated team members.

There are high volumes of applications for both courses and places are limited.


Greenmount Campus facilities

Classes are taught in the purpose built Veterinary Nursing classroom installed with all the equipment necessary for small animal veterinary, surgical nursing and diagnostic imaging. Students also have access to the Greenmount Resource Centre with its library, workrooms and study areas.

The campus has a modern, well-equipped laboratory containing all the equipment needed to carry out the diagnostic tests required in the Veterinary Nursing syllabus. The scientific equipment includes laboratory analysers, refractometers, microscopes, centrifuges and commercial test kits.

Importance of Veterinary Nursing

Check out the vital role played by veterinary nurses in animal care and treatment.