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Events > The Equine FitBit – how far can you stride?


The Equine FitBit – how far can you stride?

Various Dates

Enniskillen Campus

As part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival Week activities for schools CAFRE is delighted to invite students to explore fitness. Equine staff at Enniskillen Campus are offering a hands-on workshop to focus on the fitness using equine specific technology.

Tuesday 20th February 2024, 10.00am or 1.00pm

Wednesday 21st February 2024, 10.00am or 1.00pm

Thursday 22nd February 2024, 10.00am or 1.00pm

Delve into the world of equine fitness and analysis by looking at the latest technology at CAFRE Enniskillen Campus. Gait assessment has traditionally been performed using subjective observation or expensive technologies, but recent developments in wearable devices allow for continuous monitoring and analysis of running mechanics in any environment.  The Tendiboot technology which is placed on our horses legs could be compared to a FitBit watch. It enables the measurement and examination of multiple locomotion factors to help us better understand our horses.

With a focus on the GCSE Double Award Physics specification and a helping hand of our innovative technology you will learn how speed, force, weight and pressure influence our everyday movement.

Please ensure all students have warm jackets as part of the workshops will be delivered outdoors.

This workshop will be offered alongside ‘Does your heart have a racing beat?‘ covering two topics within a two hour event.

Book now via email:

Please include the name of your school, group size, preferred workshop time to allow us to follow-up your booking request.

For information on Equine courses available to study after Year 12 or Year 14 follow this link.