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Grow and Gain with Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

11 Mar 2021


Thursday 11th March, 10.00am

CAFRE, in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast, are hosting a Grow & Gain Webinar on Thursday 11th March at 10.00am. The event aims highlight how Knowledge Transfer Partnerships can specifically help grow businesses within the Food and Drinks industry.

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a subsidised three-way partnership between a business, a high-calibre graduate and an academic institution. It is a cost-effective way for businesses to attract fresh talent and access the expertise in universities and colleges to deliver strategic innovative solutions to achieve business growth.

Join us to hear from CAFRE, KTP at Queen’s, KTN and a local business about how KTP works, the types of projects which have been supported locally within your industry, and how to get involved.

If you have an idea for your business but do not have all the in-house expertise needed to develop it, a KTP or a Management KTP may be the perfect solution.

10:00   Welcome
            Peter Simpson, CAFRE Food Technology Branch Manager
10:10   Overview of KTP
            Joel Ferguson, Knowledge Transfer Network
10:20   Facilities at CAFRE
            Deborah Whinnery, CAFRE
10:30  How KTP helped my business
            Michael Hall, Forest Feasts
10:40  Management KTPs
            Shirley-Ann Hazlett, Queen’s Management School
10:50   Q&A
            Joel Ferguson, Knowledge Transfer Network
11:00   Closing Comments
            Peter Simpson, CAFRE Food Technology Branch Manager