Mobility Improvement

Applicants applying to be a Mobility Improvement Technology Demonstration Farm must be able to demonstrate the following innovative technologies:

  1. Advanced footbathing facility
  2. Robust footbathing protocol
  3. Footbath calibration and product selection
  4. Routine preventative and timely corrective hoof trimming
  5. Dedicated foot treatment facilities
  6. Selective breeding to improve cow mobility.

It is also desirable but not a requirement that the host can demonstrate the following innovative technologies:

  1. Use of hoof trimming information
  2. Mobility scoring
  3. Managing cow environment (indoors and outdoors) to improve cow mobility.

For a more detailed description of these required and desirable technologies and for guidance click HERE.

Before applying please read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the scheme and check that you meet the Eligibility Criteria.