Grassland Management (beef) Applications Closed

To become a beef technology demonstration farm applicants must be able to demonstrate the following essential technologies:

  1. Nutrient management plan
  2. Reseeding protocol
  3. Target grazing grass covers
  4. Managed grazing systems (i.e. rotational/paddock/set stocked)
  5. Silage quality assessment
  6. Animal performance monitoring

It is preferred but not essential that applicants may also be able to demonstrate the following desirable technologies:

  1. Total farm cover measuring technology
  2. Grazing software technology
  3. Low ammonia emission slurry spreading technology
  4. Work burden assessment.

For further details on the Essential Technologies and Desirable technologies click HERE. These descriptions may be used as a guide during the application.

Application Process

Applications are invited from one member or employee of the farm business, who is over 18 years old on the application closing date and not in full-time education. See the full Terms and Conditions for further information.