Feed Efficiency

To become a technology demonstration farm applicants must be able to demonstrate the following innovative technologies:

  1. Soil nutrient management programme
  2. Efficient grazing infrastructure
  3. Grass cover measurement and budgeting
  4. Adjusting concentrate feed levels (Maintenance+) according to grazing conditions and grass supply
  5. Targeted complete diet feeding or Targeted in parlour and/or out of parlour concentrate feeding (either manual or computerised)

It is also desirable but not required that applicants can demonstrate the following innovative technologies:

  1. Grazing area allocation application
  2. Proactive reseeding policy
  3. Using Maintenance+ application (can apply to both easy feed and TMR systems)
  4. Forage stocks calculator
  5. Margin over concentrates (MOC) application.

For a more detailed description of these required and desirable technologies and for guidance click HERE.

Before applying please read and understand theTerms and Conditions of the scheme and check that you meet the Eligibility Criteria.