Horticulture impacts on many aspects of our lives and provides fascinating job opportunities in a wide variety of work activities. Horticulturists play a major role in all areas concerned with managing and maintaining our environment, increasing biodiversity and ensuring sports facilities are kept to a high standard. As the designers, developers and managers of urban and rural landscapes, horticulturists are at the forefront of the world in which we live, work and play.


Greenmount has an established reputation in horticulture education and has provided full-time courses since 1924. Horticulture students develop practical, technical and management skills at the Campus Horticulture centres.

Greenmount Campus facilities


Greenmount Campus is set in over 18 hectares of landscaped grounds originally laid out in the 19th Century. Features include the Richardson’s Walled Garden which was redeveloped to celebrate the Millennium. It is of formal design with a grand conservatory, pleached limes, a maze, water feature, knot gardens and a wide range of mixed and herbaceous planting.

The Amenity Horticulture Centre also provides sports turf areas for student learning, including full specification golf greens and playing fields for soccer, rugby and gaelic football. The Landscape Skills Area provides puropse built plots for garden installations.

Within the Machinery and Buildings Centre there are modern training facilities for construction projects, machinery maintenance and operation.

The Horticulture Development Centre has production facilities for a wide range of nursery stock and protected ornamental crops. The unit demonstrates advanced technological systems for growing, such as ebb and flow floors and the use of ‘smart’ films.