The food and drink industry is one of the largest employers in the UK and as such requires skilled personnel to ensure a consistent supply of quality product for ever-discerning, quality-conscious consumers.

The food industry is very competitive and is constantly changing and using technical innovations to meet consumer demands. As the world population increases, food technologists are challenged with developing innovative applications in biotechnology and processing of food as well as understanding the link between food, nutrition and health.

Loughry Campus facilities

Loughry Campus has excellent specialist facilities to support food education including chemistry and microbiology laboratories, a dedicated food technology facility, food packaging laboratories, and a food innovation centre. The hi-tech food technology centre features equipment and facilities for producing food to EU standards, incorporating four mini processing areas: meat, dairy, bakery, fruit and vegetable sectors.

Loughry’s laboratories are equipped with specialist scientific equipment including gas chromatographs and electrophoretic and texture analysers. The packaging laboratories assess packs and packaging materials to ensure food products are adequately protected during distribution and storage.

Loughry Campus is home to a Food Innovation Centre to assist the agri-food sector create and develop new food concepts to meet the needs of a dynamic market place and to improve the educational experience for students. The Centre acts as a hub for innovation within the food industry.


Graduates have been employed in a range of careers within the food industry these include;

  • Food Technologists
  • New Product Development Technologists
  • Technical/Quality Managers
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Managers
  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Production Managers