The agriculture sector is one of the largest employers in Northern Ireland and produces a gross output of just under £1.5 billion each year.Greenmount-Farm1

With the current challenges and opportunities facing the agricultural industry it is essential that those considering a career in this sector are capable of adapting to change and availing of market opportunities. Agriculture courses at Greenmount Campus are highly practical and business focused and aim to develop students’ skills to enable them to work either on the home farm or to pursue a career in the agriculture sector.

Students enter the industry at different levels depending on their qualifications and experience. Our graduates now hold many senior positions in the agricultural and land-based industries.

Some graduates return to farming either as farmers or assistants on large farms. Successful farmers need to be technically and practically competent as well as be able to make good business decisions in a changing environment.

Our agriculture facilities

Our farms at Greenmount are the focus for the educational activities at the campus. They provide an excellent practical learning resource for students undertaking programmes in agriculture.

The College Farm is made up of the Dairy Centre (170 hectares), the Beef and Sheep Centre (130 hectares) and the Hill Farm Centre (1,040 hectares). The three centres provide a unique resource for students to adopt a ‘learning by doing’ approach while undertaking a course at CAFRE.

Furthermore, the centres are used extensively by technologists and advisers to demonstrate and promote the adoption of the latest technological advances within the livestock and arable crop sectors.

Agriculture and land-based career prospects

Graduates have been employed in a range of careers within the agriculture industry these include;

  • Sales/Marketing representatives
  • Teachers/Lecturers
  • Consultants/Technical advisers
  • Researchers
  • Journalists
  • Farm liaison representatives
  • Farmers/Farm managers