January 22, 2018

Keavy Molloy

Keavy Molloy Pre Farriery Student

Pre-Farriery Programme “I have always had a keen interest in horses and through observing the farrier working with my pony, I became increasingly interested in farriery and felt that this was something I would like to pursue a career. I knew a number of farriers that had completed the Pre-Farrier programme at CAFRE and was extremely impressed with the range of facilities on offer. Studying at CAFRE has provided me with a range of experiences as well as allowing me to make contacts within the industry. As part of my programme, I undertook a five-week work placement with a Master Farrier, which I thoroughly enjoyed, gaining valuable experiences and reinforcing my desire to become a farrier. I have just completed the programme and I am currently working as a groom in Belgium as I want to travel and experience other aspects of the equine industry before settling into my apprenticeship in England.”

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