February 6, 2014

David Hughes

David Hughes

“When you tell people you work in the food industry they immediately assume you’re involved with cooking or making foods. I couldn’t be further away from those stereotypical images as I work in environmental management.

I completed A-Levels at school and applied to study on the Honours Degree course in Food Management and Marketing at Loughry. During the course I completed my one year work experience with Ballyrashane Creamery investigating waste and environmental issues. I was in the fortunate position to be offered a fulltime job with them after I graduated from Loughry in June 2012.

I’m delighted to say with a lot of hard work and investment the Creamery now generates all its electricity from waste. Environmental Management has fast become a buzz term within industry and I get great satisfaction from working in a business that has embraced new technologies to drive on environmental management in Northern Ireland.”

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