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Further Education funding Support


Further Education funding support

CAFRE is part of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) and most students enrolled on Further Education courses at CAFRE are eligible for funding through DAERA. However if you have previously undertaken a publicly funded Further Education course in the United Kingdom you will not normally be eligible for funding for a CAFRE course at the same or lower level.

DAERA’s Further Education Awards are administered by the Education Authority on behalf of DAERA. Students applying to study on a full-time Further Education course at CAFRE should therefore apply to the Education Authority for financial support.

To find out more about the financial support available and the eligibility requirements for students on Further Education courses at CAFRE contact:

Further Education Awards Section

The Education Authority 
1 Hospital Road
Co Tyrone
BT79 0AW
Telephone: 028 8225 4546