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Bursary Programme

Bursary Programme

Companies and organisations throughout Ireland support CAFRE courses in many ways. One method that directly helps students is through the donation of bursaries, typically worth £1,000.

Each campus receives bursaries from companies trading in their specialism e.g. Food, Agriculture, Equine and Horticulture. Students compete for these highly coveted awards either by completing a topical report or through interviews. Some companies also provide paid work placements to the bursary recipient.

Enniskillen Campus bursaries

Twenty-one bursaries are available to students studying equine management at Enniskillen Campus. These financial bursaries are generously provided by leading equine businesses and ancillary organisations which have a close association with the campus:

Greenmount Campus bursaries

As a first year full-time student on the Honours Degree in Agriculture or Agriculture and Horticulture Foundation Degree courses you can compete for a bursary awarded by 22 different sponsors. Bursaries are currently awarded by:

Greenmount Campus Bursary Providers 2019

Loughry Campus bursaries

Leading businesses which have shown their appreciation of the future talent studying on Higher Education courses in food at Loughry Campus through the provision of bursaries include:

CAFRE Loughry Campus Bursary providers