Equine Awards Day, Enniskillen Campus, 28th June 2017


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017The platform party Dr Chérie Armour (Faculty of Life and Health Sciences, Ulster University), Ms Elaine Hatton (Director of International Marketing, Horse Sport Ireland), Mr Seamus McAlinney (Head of Equine, CAFRE), Rebecca McKee,(Student Representative Council), Mr Martin McKendry (Director, CAFRE), Mr Robert Huey (Chief Veterinary Officer, DAERA).


Top students Celebrating Graduating with a BSc First Class Honours are Alison Bell and Rebecca McKee, both from Belfast.


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017Equine Higher Education top students Rebecca McKee (Belfast) – top BSc (Hons) student, Rosalie Purcell (Ardara, Co.Donegal) top FdSc student pictured with Seamus McAlinney (Head of Equine, CAFRE) and Jane Elliott (Higher Education Equine Course Manager).


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017The Erne Veterinary Group Cup Laurel Cahoon from Bangor is congratulated by Ms Elaine Hatton (Director of International Marketing, Horse Sport Ireland) and Mr. Robert Huey (Chief Veterinary Officer, DAERA).


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017Equine cup winners Caitlin Stuart (Ballynahinch), Enda Smyth (Monaghan), Ethan Callaghan (Letterkenny, Co Donegal) and Chloe Russell (Enniskillen) are  congratulated by Seamus McAlinney (Head of Equine, CAFRE).


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017The top Further Education students Rebecca McParland (Craigavon), Mr Seamus McAlinney (Head of Equine, CAFRE), Sophie Galloway (Newtownabbey), Shannon Connor (Newcastle) and  Sharon McLaren (Further Education Course Manager).


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017Agriculture prize winners James Speers (YFCU, President),  Laura McFarland (Omagh), Daniel Collum (Florencecourt), Dr. Sam Kennedy (Head of Education Service, CAFRE), Lorna Christie (Agriculture Course Manager), Andrew Hutchinson (Newtownbutler) and Sarah Doupe (Caledon).


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017Forging ahead in their career Jordan Buchanan (Cookstown) and Keavy Molloy (Ballymena) graduated with a Level 2 Certificate in Forgework.


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017Just graduated Top FdSc Equine Management students Rosalie Purcell (Ardara, Co Donegal) and Simona Kacevaite (Armagh) graduated with a Pass with Commendation.


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017Agriculture success Adrian Carson (Garrison), Alastair Armstrong (Tempo), Steven Johnston (Garrison) and Steven Johnston (Lisnarick) celebrate their success.


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017Agriculture top students James Speers (YFCU, President) congratulates Daniel Collum (Florencecourt) receiving the YFCU prize and Andrew Hutchinson (Newtownbutler) is congratulated by Trevor Dunn (Fermanagh Grassland Club) on winning the Fermanagh Grassland Club Prize.


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017Well done Mum! BSc (Hons) graduate Amy Burke (Castlederg) celebrates her success with her son Ethan at the recent awards day at Enniskillen Campus.


Triple Distinction stars Achieving top grades on their Level 3 Extended Diploma in Horse Management programme are Danielle McLees (Belfast), Natasha CarlisLe (Ballynahinch), Sophie Galloway (Newtownabbey), Caitlin Stuart (Ballynahinch), Nicole Farrell (Florencecourt) with their Sharon McLaren (Further Education Course Manager).


Enniskillen Awards Day 2017Double success FdSc graduate Jessica Rennie (Garvagh) celebrates graduation day with her boyfriend Level 3 Agriculture graduate Alastair Armstrong (Tempo) at the Enniskillen Awards ceremony.