ATV’s – Quad

Overview ATV’s (quads) are a very effective piece of machinery on the farm. However, even the most experienced ATV rider can find themselves in potentially dangerous situations, and without the proper training serious accidents can occur.

Who is the course for? This is a two day course, (combining instruction & an assessment) for anyone over the age of sixteen who uses, or will be using an ATV.

Course Content

  • Accident prevention.
  • What is an ATV?
  • Daily / Safety checks.
  • Possible problems.
  • Route planning – risk assessment.
  • Familiarization with instruments and controls.
  • Starting and stopping the machine.
  • Driving the machine – basic manoeuvres.
  • Ascend / Descend / Traverse safely.
  • Limitations of loaded ATV’s.

Our ATV course has experienced instructors who will guide you through the training to make sure that you are able to use the ATV, safely and with confidence, and the key fundamentals of driving, loading and health and safety are all covered.