Short Journey – Livestock Transportation


From 5 January 2008, transporters or attendants using road vehicles to transport animals, in connection with an economic activity, on short journeys (over 65km and up to 8 hours) must hold a Certificate of Competence for short journeys.

Who is the Assessment for?

Anyone transporting livestock in connection with an economic activity on a journey over 65km and up to 8 hours duration.

Details of Assessment

The assessment takes the form of a multiple choice theory test which is taken on-line. Assessments are organised, subject to demand at CAFRE’s three Campuses at Enniskillen, Greenmount in Antrim and Loughry in Cookstown.


One hour

Animal Transporter Authorisation

If you are intending to transport animals in connection with an economic activity for distances over 65 km and up to 8 hours, you will also need a valid Animal Transporter Authorisation from DAERA. Further information and an application form are available by clicking here.

You are required to possess a valid Certificate of Competence before you apply for Animal Transporter Authorisation.