Artisan Charcuterie Workshop

This practical three day artisan charcuterie workshop is being held at Loughry Campus, Cookstown on Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th May 2017.

Overview The taste for artisan charcuterie is on the rise. Learn how to create a vast array of charcuterie products using age-long, traditional preservation methods, along with contemporary production techniques.

From meat selection and fundamental butchery skills to curing methods, smoking techniques, fermentation science and much more this comprehensive three day workshop will explore all.

The workshop will be delivered in partnership with charcuterie production specialist, Mr Chris Moorby, who will share his decades of experience.

Who is this workshop for? Those who are enthusiastic about butchery, curing, fermentation, and smoking and who are looking to understand more about this topic and would like to move into either small or large scale production.

Those who have prior experience of working in the food industry and would like an understanding of the scientific and technical aspects of charcuterie production.

Course Content This advanced practical course will cover the manufacture of an extensive range of charcuterie products. Participants will also be directed through the essential scientific and technical explanations that underpin such production.

Day 1:

  • Pork carcase breakdown with emphasis on best utilisation of cuts for charcuterie
  • Boning and trimming of cuts for cured, air dried whole muscle production
  • Grading of trim for forcemeat products
  • Formulation of cure recipes
  • Different types of curing for whole muscles – dry, injection and immersion curing
  • Initial curing of salmon, bacon and gammon, coppa, pancetta, lomo and prosciutto

Day 2:

  • Production of raw, cured, cooked, smoked and fermented sausages, including Bratwurst; Texas Hot Links; Beer sticks; Frankfurters; Chorizo; Saucisson sec; Boudins noir & blanc
  • Cold smoking of salmon, garlic and salt

Day 3:

  • Final preparation of whole cured muscles for air drying
  • Finishing processes for sausage products, smoking and cooking
  • Construction of a simple smoker
  • Hot smoking of pork tenderloin
  • Summary of course including Q&A session

Cost Cost £375. All recipes, technical notes and ingredients will be supplied in cost of the workshop. Refreshments and lunch are also included.