Online Meat Technology Skills Programme

Overview This programme has been designed to meet the current and future training needs of staff within the meat processing sector. It provides a flexible method of technical skills development, at an introductory level and is appropriate for companies wishing to increase the skills of existing staff and/or train new staff with limited meat processing knowledge.

Entry Requirements The programme is primarily aimed at both technical and non technical staff working within the meat industry. No previous qualifications are required.

Course duration and structure The programme consists of five units which provide an insight into factors affecting quality, safety and legality of meat and meat products along with a sound understanding of the principles of burger/sausage manufacture, curing and fermented meat technology. Applicants have the option to complete the full programme or select individual units depending on their training needs. The course has been developed so that each unit comprises of six learning hours. Candidates have flexibility and can choose to use a staged or all at once approach to complete each unit.

The course will be available online from the 21st September to complete in your own time.

Programme Content

Unit Title Additional information

Unit 1 Factors Affecting Meat Eating Quality


This unit allows the learner to explore the composition and function of meat muscle tissue and the mechanism by which it is transformed into meat, whilst at the same time recognising some of the key control measures throughout the process necessary for ensuring optimum meat eating quality
Unit 2 Legislation & Labelling of Meat & Meat Products This unit will enable learners to become aware of the current legislative issues faced by the meat processing industry and gain a clearer understanding of the legislation and labelling issues which affect their products.

Unit 3 Meat Microbiology & Shelf Life


This unit enables learners to increase their awareness of why and how meat spoils, the associated microbiological risks, and the methods available to control and extend shelf-life.  Learners will also gain an insight into the steps and methods involved in shelf-life determination.

Unit 4 Meat Curing, Smoking & Fermentation Technology


This unit allows the learner to explore the roles of many of the functional ingredients commonly used in cured meats and to determine levels of ingredient incorporation to achieve the desired curing effects.  In addition candidates will benefit from an overview of the main manufacturing operations employed in cured meat production.
Unit 5 The Principles of Burger & Sausage Manufacture This unit allows the learner to explore the meat technology principles behind the production of comminuted meats. Learners will also gain an insight into the common manufacturing operations used in the production of a range of sausages and burgers. In addition candidates will benefit from an overview of the primary roles of a selected range of functional ingredients and key controls necessary to ensure product safety and quality.

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